New City, New Adventures

So I know I’ve been quiet this past week, let me tell you why!

I’ve been busy moving! To NYC! (See all pictures of my apartment below)

It has been hectic finalizing the acceptance of my job and trying to find a place in NYC. You don’t realize just how competitive the rental market is until you’re looking at apartments and someone else steps in just as you finish looking at a place. I had to make my decision fast.

But luckily, I found a place that I love on the Upper East Side. With a Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and a Starbucks nearby, I don’t think I’ll have to go far to buy the necessities.

To begin the saga that was moving in, I first want to tell you how vastly underestimated my expectations were. We left Saturday morning and I thought we’d arrive by noon, bring in all my stuff, go to Ikea and assemble everything Saturday night.

Needless to say, we didn’t leave for Ikea until 2pm and we didn’t leave Ikea until 8pm because the lines were so long.

When we finally brought in all the Ikea boxes, I thought the assembly would be a piece of cake. HA! My parents put together the bed, which took multiple tries as the directions HAVE NO WORDS!

I put together a small shelf to go in the bathroom and then attempted to put together my desk. Attempted being the key word. We had to put the bed together in order to have a place to sleep, so we were up until 2:45am assembling it.

Before we started the assembly process and unpacking, I had thoughts of going to a museum with my parents on Sunday. I didn’t know we’d still be putting furniture together and unpacking!

But alas, then came Monday and there were still a few things to be done. Luckily my dad was able to assemble my desk and I put away all of my cooking essentials in the kitchen cabinets.

I am proud to say that I now have everything put together and set up in my apartment, so now the only thing to do is go explore the big city! (And of course catch up from my nights of little sleep)



IMG_5647 IMG_5646   IMG_5643 IMG_5642 IMG_5641 IMG_5640 IMG_5639  IMG_5636  IMG_5634


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