Baking Projects: Cake Making Attempts

Like all great baking projects, I thought I could master this beautiful cake and make mine look just like the pictures. Instead, I got one of those Buzzfeed article results: picture versus not so picturesque reality.IMG_5453

After a pinning session, I found this gorgeous cake and decided to attempt to replicate it for a party last week. Here is the original recipe from Sweetapolita (an amazing baking blog). I’m pretty sure she’s a professional cake decorator:

So to make this cake, you start with the meringues. In hindsight, I think I should have beaten my egg whites a bit longer so the meringue was stiffer. After cooling from the oven, they were sticky instead of crunchy.

Sweetapolita's Cake
Sweetapolita’s Cake

Then you make the chocolate cake. This is the easy part! And mine actually turned out perfectly! (Yay!) The only issue here is that I didn’t have four 8-inch round pans, so I used a stacking set, so that’s the first reason why my cake looks different from hers.

IMG_5465So after that was in the oven, I started on the meringue frosting. I ruined a pot in this process, oops! Tip: when you melt the sugar in the egg whites, do it over very low heat or else it will caramelize and stick to the bottom of the pot FOREVER!!

After starting my meringue frosting over, it finally turned out decently. So I started assembling the cake. The perfect chocolate cakes stacked atop each other nicely once trimmed flat, but with this different layout, frosting with the meringue icing proved treacherous. It looked homemade unlike her fancy cake.IMG_5450

And finally I “drizzled” the chocolate on top, and again, it looked nothing like hers! What gives!

I finished off the cake with the less than perfect meringues I made at the beginning. While the cake did not look like it could be on the cover of a magazine, it did taste delicious. Everyone wanted a second piece!

My final cake

My adventures in baking will continue as I strive to become the fabulous cake decorator I’ve always secretly wanted to be. I welcome any decorating tips you have!





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