Gnocchi: Your New Easy Side Dish

After more Masterchef inspiration, I set to work making gnocchi. In case you’re not familiar, gnocchi are soft, pillowy potato dumplings. And they’re actually extremely easy to make.


The only ingredients you need are potatoes, flour, Parmesan cheese, an egg, and some salt. So if you haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while, you’ll probably still be able to make these!

Here is the general recipe I used, though I usually consult multiple and make my own variation:

After you rice the potatoes, you arrange them with a well in the middle. Just crack the egg into the well and slowly add the flour while kneading the dough.

After the dough is dry to the touch instead of sticky, you’re ready to start rolling out the gnocchi. Roll the dough into small ropes and then cut 1-inch pieces and transfer to a pot of boiling water.


This is actually the easiest part! As soon as the gnocchi are cooked, the little pillows rise to the top of the pot. From there, fry them in a small pan with a little browned butter to crisp the outsides, and you have the perfect side dish.

Warning: they are addictive. So make them when you have enough people to eat them all!




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