Grapes Galore

Two years ago, my sister insisted we plant Concord grapes. This year we got a million on the vine, but of course, she’s not here to help!IMG_6320

So what to do with a million grapes? Well make grape juice of course! And that’s just what we did.

With 6 huge bowls of grapes (I know, I exaggerated with a million), my mom and I set out to make grape juice from scratch.IMG_6328

First we picked all the grapes off the stem and filled a large pot on the stove. Turning it to high, we smashed the grapes and let them come to a boil and cook for ten minutes.

Then came the hard part: straining the juice out.

It is really hard to pour a huge vat of boiling grapes into a strainer without losing tons of juice. But we tried our best! Then we spent hours trying to get every last drop out of the mixture. Next time, we will definitely buy cheesecloth to make this process easierIMG_6413

But, once we finished, we had fresh and delicious grape juice! It’s great to know that there are no preservatives or sugar in our juice and that it’s 100% homemade and healthyIMG_6414.

So for the next couple of weeks, I will get to savor the product of our labor with each sip I take from my vibrantly red grape juice.




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