Tennis, Tennis, and more Tennis

This past week, my family has been entirely consumed by tennis. With the final rounds of the U.S. Open, we intently watched our favorites battle it out for the American championship title.

2014 U.S. Open - PreviewsNow, some of my friends can attest, my family gets excited about sports. If you visit during the Olympics (especially the summer games) we are crazy!! I’m usually screaming out my frustrations at the TV when my favorite doesn’t come in first or I’m cheering on my favorite football team.

But this week was a huge mix of emotions.

The most important game this week was Serena versus Venus. Since before I can remember, they both dominated at tennis. I was always so impressed that two sisters could hold so much talent in one family.

And this match-up was no different. Even though Venus is 35 and suffers from an autoimmune disease, you couldn’t tell. Serena also looked unstoppable.

I was torn during this match. I wanted to root for Serena because she was on track to win the calendar grand slam, but I also admired Venus and her fearless serve. But we all know how it ended: with a touching embrace of the sisters at the end of the match. I will always wonder what Venus whispered in Serena’s ear.720x405-AP_493774036116

But even though Serena beat her seemingly hardest competitor, she unfortunately did not go on to win it all. No need to be upset though, she’s still the greatest tennis champion of this generation and shows no signs of stopping.

Last night, in the men’s championship match, audiences saw the giants battle. Seated number one and number two in the world, Novak and Roger went head-to-head. (As a side note, they should alternate each year whether the women’s or men’s championship is last because women’s tennis is equally important!)14handshake-nole

The tennis was amazing. After the countless hours of rain delay, these pros stepped on the court and neither went down without a fight. Though Novak was able to hold on and win, both competitors gave it their all.

So after this epic week of our favorite tennis heroes, my family needs to find a new show to occupy our television!




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