You could feel it in the air.IMG_5380

As the music boomed behind us, players raced onto the field. I knew it would be a great time to experience my first Patriots game. After all, Brady is now free. (Though I didn’t see him at the game, which was sad.)

When you arrive at Gillette Stadium, the number-one aim is to find a parking spot that will lead to the quickest exit at the end of the game. We arrived early before the general game parking opened and were able to park right outside of the movie theater by the stadium entrance.

Walking through Patriots Place, I think I was the only person without a jersey on. The ONLY person. (Well other than my parents.) Fans were already getting ready for the game and proclaiming Berman as their favorite presidential nominee.

After grabbing lunch, we headed to the movie theater and saw Hitman Agent 47 with Orlando Bloom. Decent movie, but even better viewing because the theater was empty and I could talk the whole time! My favorite!

When Orlando finally finished killing the bad guys, we headed to the main event.

The New England Patriots vs. The New York Giants.

IMG_5361We sat in the top section, but luckily could still make out the ball and the numbers on the players’ jerseys. I enjoyed a Guinness while the women behind me tried to ruin my eardrums with their screams. By the way, don’t be those people!

At the end of the 4th quarter with the score tied up, large drops of rain the size of quarters came pouring from the sky. And with it being a pre-season game, people fled the stands. Not wanting to miss a minute, I moved down to a closer row and huddled under my coat. Unfortunately, at the two-minute warning, the Pats couldn’t pull out a touchdown in the rain.

Though I was a little sad with the loss, it’s a pre-season game and I got the experience. I saw Belichick and Gronk down on the field and I got to people-watch all those lucky enough to make it on the mega-screen.IMG_5380

After the clock ran down, we made our way to the car where our parking situation proved to be ideal, as it only took us 40 minutes to make it to the highway. (When I attended TSwift’s Speak Now concert it took one hour to even make it out of the parking lot and another to make it to the highway.)

So now, I can officially call myself a Patriots fan.




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