Naked (4?) Palette: Hot or Not?

As some of you know, I love the original Naked eye shadow palette. Once my friend recommended it to me, I got my sister hooked as well. I’m also positive it looks good on everyone, no matter your skin tone.

IMG_5295But I have not loved every new edition since then. My sister bought the second palette, which was decent and I bought the third. With all the beautiful blush tones in the third, I couldn’t resist. It is like glittering rose petals. But it did nothing for me. It showed me that just because an eye shadow looks beautiful in the case, does not mean it will look beautiful on me.

So against my better judgment and giving into my love of all things makeup, I bought the new Naked palette: Naked Smoky.

My first impressions:

  • The colors are all very intense. Unless you’re doing the plain, barely there, light eye shadow, you cannot use this during the day. Or if you do, use wisely. The bold “Black Market” and “Dagger” are too fierce for your everyday look.
  • I do love the “High” shade because it looks good on every skin type. My mom even approves, which is rare!
  • Why do they put the included brush in an inlay that is too deep? I have to turn the palette over to get it out or reach in and attempt to grab the brush by the ends, which I can’t imagine is good for it.IMG_5293

So, would I buy it again? Probably not. I loved the first Naked palette so much that each one after has been a let down. My advice to you? If you don’t own the first one, go buy it!! If you do, keep using it in bliss knowing that you have money saved for your next beauty investment!




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