Lobsters Instead of Chicken

The summer is almost at an end, so I want to talk about my favorite summer activity.

IMG_3439Eating lobster. Like tons of lobster. All the lobster I can buy. The guy at my local grocery store knows me because I purchase steamed lobsters so much.

Now this may sound weird if you’re not from New England, but lobster is a staple food up here. I don’t consider it a delicacy. My family buys it right at our local grocery store and they steam it there for us while we shop.

The best summer of my life was when lobster was cheaper than chicken so I could easily justify to my mom that we have it at least once a week. Sadly the price is high this summer because of our cold winter. Because of this, the sea never warmed up and the lobsters did not come close to shore. So the fishermen (and fisherwomen!) had to go out farther than usual and couldn’t catch as many.

This was sad because it meant fewer lobsters and higher prices.IMG_3401

But today was my last lobster meal of the summer, so I want to talk about the right way to eat a lobster.

First, take off both of the legs with the claws from the main part of the body. Next take the body apart from the head and put the head right in the trash. Some people eat the green stuff inside the head, but it is the lobster’s guts, so do with that what you will. (I don’t touch it!) Then break the claws and legs apart and enjoy. Some people save the tiny legs from the body and suck the meat out, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

And now comes the best part: the tail. Straighten the tail as much as possible and break off the small end that was originally at the very back of the lobster. Then, with the lobster tail as straight as possible, push the meat out of the larger end. Usually it comes out easily. After that, enjoy with melted butter.

Just writing this makes me hungry.IMG_3425

I hope this helps you next time you eat lobster, and if you have never tried it, you should. ASAP.

So before your summer’s over, go get a lobster!




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