Your Fall Transition Outfit

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Fall is the perfect time to take out your light sweaters and favorite jeans. This outfit starts with the booties, because who doesn’t love a perfect pair of booties in the fall? It’s not quite cold enough for warm boots, but your toes would freeze in flip-flops!

This cute pair of booties is from Nordstrom. With the buckles up the side, they are unique and have an edge over regular booties. They also let a little in a little breeze.

Then pair these with the perfect pair of jeans.

Jeans can be hard to shop for. If they’re too tight you won’t wear them, but if they’re too lose, they do nothing for you. Jean shopping takes time and patience. My strategy? I go to Nordstrom Rack and try on every brand in multiple sizes because sizes are different in every brand. Annoying, I know. But you will find a pair with enough trips to the dressing room!

The jeans here are Paige jeans. A basic dark wash skinny jean that looks good with everything. With the skinny leg, these tuck right into your bootie or if they’re too long, roll them up a few times for a more casual look. This is the brand I bought during my last shopping excursion and they look amazing!

Moving up the body, we have the perfect sweater for this transition weather. This Wool Jackie Sweater from J. Crew is great because it is sleeveless. You won’t get hot when you pair it with a jacket! It also complements our next item: the jacket.

A jacket is a statement piece. My sister literally collects jackets. The right jacket can take any outfit to a ten. And this one does. With the light color, it transitions perfectly from summer to fall and pairs with the tan sweater. And the dual zippers give it a fun edge.

So to finish, add some unique accessories like this necklace. It pairs perfectly with the high hitting sweater and the gold accents the tan sweater and cream jacket.

I hope this outfit helps you make your smooth transition into your fall wardrobe!











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