New England Summers

The sun is shining down, reflecting the brightness of the sand. Cold water flows across my toes as I brace myself for its cold. This is life at the beach in New England.

Beach Panoramic

My favorite part of going to the beach is people watching. Though I always bring along a book, I rarely crack one open. Instead I revel in watching all the people and their children playing in the sand and water.

What amazes me most is that you never see two people with the same bathing suit, that is, unless a mother dresses her kids like twins. Just think about the amazing diversity of all the suits people wear.

Why is this? My first theory, based on logic, is that once you are an adult, you are basically done growing. And a bathing suit is something you wear only occasionally so it doesn’t wear out. Therefore, you amass a large collection over time because you buy a new suit almost every season.


But I have another theory. Bathing suits are something incredibly personal. Think about it. You are basically naked except for the suit. It is a piece of clothing that can do little to hide your insecurities because it is skintight and shows everything. So when you buy a bathing suit, it must be a piece you absolutely love and trust will make you feel your most confident.

So when I look around at all the different suits, I see a million different personalities because bathing suits reflect the most intimate part of one’s personality. Maybe this is why you never see two matching suits.

With my toes wiggled down underneath the cooling sand, I sit and admire the universe of colors and diversity in the suits that surround me.Beach


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